Rentalconditions Paradis Sur Lot 
These rentalc onditions are part of the contract between Eddy Gravemaker (hereinafter called "Gravemaker") and the tenants of the holidayvilla Paradis sur Lot, as well as the person who signed the rentalcontract.
Please read the following carefully.
In the high season the villa can only be rented from Saturday to Saturday. Arrival after 16.00 hours and departure before 10.00 hours. 
The rental of the villa is valid as soon as Gravemaker has received 25% of the rentalsum and 100% when the rental of the villa starts within 6 weeks.
If the rental starts within 6 weeks of the booking also the cleaningfee and the warranty will have to be paid together with the full rentalsum.After receiving the above mentioned payments the rentalcontract will be confirmed by Gravemaker.If you have to cancel your stay in the villa within 6 weeks of the rentalperiod, you are still obliged to pay the full rentalsum.If you have to cancel your stay in the villa more then six weeks before the rental period starts, Gravemaker will keep the paid 25% deposit, unless Gravemaker will find a tenant for the same period, minus administration costs, advertisements costs and last minute discount.
The warranty of Euro 300,- will normally be paid back within 2 weeks after the end of the rentalperiod, minus the cost for eventual damage caused by the tenants during the period of their stay in the villa. If the cost of the damage caused by the tenants during the period of their stay in the villa is higher then the warranty of Euro 300,- the difference will have to be paid, within 2 weeks after the ending of the rentalperiod, by the tenant who signed the contract.
The cleaning is done by the owner at the end of the rentalperiod.The cleaning fee is Euro 150,-
The full amount of the rental sum, cleaning fee and warranty has to be paid 6 weeks before the rental period starts. If you fail to do so your booking will be seen as canceled and you loose your 25% deposit.
The rentalsum includes the use of gas, water, electricity, bedclothes/bedding, towels, teatowels and the holidayvilla with private garden. 
7.Reservations can be done at any time, but if the prices for the new seasons are not yet available the booking will be done under restriction.
Gravemaker is under no circumstances liable for accidents in the villa, or outside on the property.
There will be no compensation paid in case of force majeure ( things that can not be foreseen by Gravemaker ). You are advised to take a travel and cancellation insurance.
If certain serious circumstances force Gravemaker to cancel the already rented holiday home, the tenant will be notified of this immediately and Gravemaker will refund the amounts already paid as soon as possible and no later than 14 days afterwards. The tenant has no other right than to reclaim the amount paid.
In the unlikely circumstances, that you will not be satisfied with the rented villa, you will have to contact Gravemaker immediately, Gravemaker will then do all the possible to solve the problem. If you do not contact Gravemaker immediately with an eventual problem, you can not claim any compensation later. Gravemaker will do everything within his possibilities to solve the problem immediately to the satisfaction of the tenant. The tenants are fully responsible for all the damage they cause and they are obliged to inform Gravemaker immediately about the caused damage.
Gravemaker has the right to enter the villa and the private garden at any time for normal maintenance of the house or the garden and cleaning. Gravemaker has the right to terminate the rentalcontract immediately, if the tenants damage or abuse his properties.
Gravemaker has the right to terminate the rentalcontract immediately, without reduction of the the rentalsum, if more then 6 persons stay in the villa, unless Gravemaker has given permission for the stay of more then 6 persons.
Pets are not allowed.
Smoking is forbidden inside the whole house.